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Elaborate Sterling silver and gold vintage Tommy Singer Navajo squash blossom-type necklace (click on pic more photos)


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This is a piece the Drifter had been trying to acquire for awhile.  It is a magnificent example of what made Tommy Singer so famous.  Generous gold-fill throughout. Hallmarked in Gothic rather than cursive print—something Mr. Singer did quite a while prior to his passing.  This piece will appear in the April, 2016 (published first part of March) edition of "Cowboys and Indians" magazine on one of their models for photo array highlighting spring fashion section.  This is a big, long piece.  It might overwhelm a more petite woman (but certainly not a supermodel!).  Looks damn good on a man as well.  Second pic is by the Drifter of Mr. Singer in Colorado in summer, 2013.