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Navajo Sterling squash-blossom necklace with Royston, Nevada turquoise by Augustine Largo



If you can find an authentic, full-size, top-quality Navajo squash-blossom necklace made by a recognized artist costing less than the price offered here, you should get it, quick.  The price of real, authentically-made and authentically-sized (we abhor those little miniature things of questionable origin) squash blossoms have appreciated faster of late than any other type of Native American jewelry.  The huge popularity and escalating prices have also spawned an influx of foreign-made knockoffs that are simply rubbish.  Sellers of such are perpetrating a fraud on unsuspecting consumers and they should be hung when caught.  If a person held a real squash like that pictured above in one hand, and a foreign fraud in the other, the difference is obvious.  The Navajo Largo family has been at the forefront of Navajo art for several generations.  Augustine is a master silversmith—as one can see by the detailed pics above.  The rarer bluish Royston turquoise is hand-picked and expensive—and perfect.  This squash is easily worth $2k to $3k.  Total length is 32-inches, which means it hangs about 18 to 20 inches from the back of one's neck if the length of the naja is counted (BTW, the naja is NOT a 'horseshoe).  Hallmarked "AL."