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Older dead-pawn three-stone Navajo Cuff with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.—SOLD!



SOLD!     Look at those old Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.  With the mine closed these are getting rarer and rarer.  And this type of classy silversmithing is why people in Europe and Asia are embracing Native American jewelry (and one more reason the prices are escalating so much).  As you would expect from High Plains Jewelry, it is no lightweight at 75 grams, or 2.65 ounces, and it is an inch wide at the top.  Wrist size is 6.5 inches, which is a smallish-medium woman's.  As is common with true pawn pieces, this was apparently never meant to be sold, thus the maker didn't bother to stamp it.  Don't loan this to your best friend—you may not see either ever again!