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Signed, original Tommy Singer dead-pawn Sterling silver man's or woman's large storyteller cuff (click on pic for more photos)


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This is not a T&R Singer piece made by the family after his passing.  It is the real deal.  Notice in the second pic that the Tommy Singer hallmark is stamped in gothic rather than cursive?   That is an indication that this is an older piece.  It came out of expired (dead) pawn, and the person who pawned it and left it behind surely must regret it--if he or she is still alive.  It is classic Tommy Singer double-overlay sterling and is highlighted be a large "hogan (Navajo traditional dwelling)" on the top, dead-center.  It's also has a couple of horses and a Navajo weaving loom on it.  It is 1 and 1/2 inches wide; 7 and 3/4's in. wrist size (medium man or large woman's wrist size).  Weight is 64.8 grams.  And, it is perfect.  Second pic is by the Drifter at the Singer residence with blue hogan where Mr. Singer was born.  Taken from carport behind home.  Mr. Singer moved only about a hundred yards during his lifetime.