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Sterling silver dead-pawn Navajo squash blossom necklace with Turquoise and Coral


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Native American jewelry is like yachts and limos.  The bigger the better.  You could wear this in either!  It may be the most unusual (while remaining traditional), intricate squash blossom the Drifter has ever acquired.  It is flat-out stunning.  The silver was very tarnished when it was acquired, but the Drifter painstakingly hand-cleaned (without destroying the aged patina) it and brought it back to life.  In his travels and association with other dealers and shops, the Drifter sees squash blossoms at some astronomical prices.  It's true that vintage, real Native American made (not that offshore lightweight thin-gauge fake-stone crap that is especially prevalent on the internet) have soared in pricing due to the virtual disappearance of these authentic museum-quality pieces.  Here, this piece could validly be priced in the $5k to $10k range if compared to other squash blossoms priced in that range, and its true the Drifter will never find another like it, but we price things to sell, wear and enjoy—not to sit on a shelf and impress a customer with its price.  But in reality, this piece really is a hell of an investment that is already worth more than its current admittedly hefty price.