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Sterling silver dead-pawn very traditional Navajo cuff with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.—SOLD!


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SOLD!  Now this is a classic.  Wish it was a man's size!  But, rather, it is a small-to-medium woman's wrist size at 6.75-inches.  Width throughout is 1.25-inches and weight is two and one-third ounces.  It is not the massively-thick gauge silver as that in the sixties, but likewise, it is not paper-thin like we've seen appear after silver skyrocketed a few years back.  It is a respectable gauge—not easily bent.  Probably made in the 80's.  And those Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones are spectacular, especially with the iron-ore matrix within.  Can't go wrong with this little beauty.  Stamped "Sterling" but no hallmark—thus the maker never intended it to be a product for the tourist industry.  Instead it was made as a "keeper."  Buy it now and keep it nice and the Drifter will buy it back for the current price in a couple of years.  That way you get to wear it for free!!