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21-stone Kingman turquoise squash-blossom set by Navajo silversmith Augustine Largo. #1502

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Isn't this a beauty.  Especially that Naja with a couple of extra stones, so there is no gap between them.  And the fact they alternate between oval and arrowhead-shaped stones.  Nice touch.  The other ten stones on the body of the squash, and the ones on the earrings have all been cut uniformly into arrowhead shapes as well.  Each one of those Kingman turquoise stones has lots of beautiful polished copper matrix. We look at a lot of squash-blossom necklaces and only buy a few.  The difference in quality in squash blossom necklaces is vast.  We like the stones perfect and appealing, and the silversmithing exquisite.  End-to-end length is 27-inches—which doesn't take into account the added length of the Naja itself, which in this case is 3.5-inches.  It should hang approximately 16-inches down from the back of the neck.  Weight is a respectable 7.25-ounces. It is hallmarked "AL."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.