• 28.5-inch T&R Singer Sterling and gold barrel-bead necklace. #2344

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    Here is a beautiful, longer length T&R Singer barrel-bead necklace made by Rosita Singer and members of the Singer family.  Sadly, there has been some counterfeiting of Tommy Singer jewelry since his passing to the other side in 2014, as well as unethical misrepresentation of T&R Singer jewelry—specifically, claims that it was made by Tommy himself.  One of our customers fell prey to such when she bought an expensively-priced necklace purported to be "original Tommy Singer," but hallmarked "T&R" Singer.  To reiterate, yet again, Rosita; Tommy's daughter Charlene, and son-in-law Allen (all of whom worked with Tommy making the jewelry prior to his passing) continue the Singer jewelry-making legacy using the Hallmark "T&R Singer." They use Tommy's tools and designs, and they make exemplary jewelry virtually identical to what Tommy made.  But don't be mislead by sales pitches that it is original Tommy Singer jewelry, which is pretty scarce by now, anyway.  Like the Drifter, who wears jewelry he acquired from Tommy himself (see third pic), most people lucky enough to own real, original Tommy Singer jewelry, simply would never entertain selling it.  And shame on the carpet-baggers who misrepresent Native American jewelry—no matter the maker.  T&R Singer barrel-bead necklacesmade by the aforementioned surviving family membersare hallmarked "T&R Singer" on the barrel bead itself.  Tommy put no hallmark on the bead.  He attached little brass tags with "T. Singer" stamped on them.  Some of the very early ones may have included the "GOLDCRAFT" designation as well.  The above necklace is a nice one—as are all of those made by Rosita and family.  We have quite a few shorter, 21-inch versions as well.  Enjoy.   Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.