3-inch by 2-inch intricately hand-stamped Navajo pawn bolo tie, by Carson Blackgoat.

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Wow, is this nice or what?  If there was anywhere to go now to wear a bolo tie, the Drifter would be hard-put to let this one go.  'Still might keep it!  We'll see. The hand-stamping on this is way-better than most.  In fact, given the raised dome design it is superlative.  And then there's that diamond-shaped, flawless and expensive chunk of real Sleeping Beauty turquoise sitting in a brilliantly-designed recess of the Sterling.  Nice. Real nice.  This is a pawn piece so the lanyard has a little wear and the globe-like Sterling tips show a a ding or two, but the bolo itself is absolutely per-fect.  End-to-end it is 38-inches long and it weighs almost two-and-a-half ounces.  We see lots and lots of bolo ties but buy very, very few.  If you do buy a bolo here, rest assured you can wear it proudly anywhere (to a rodeo, or a courtroom!).  Enjoy.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.