30-inch T&R Singer multistrand gold barrel-bead necklaces (Price is per each) #1607

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Note:  The two greenish ones in the pic have sold.                                                                  These gold-fill and silver barrel-bead necklaces were made popular by Tommy Singer when he was still with us.  We've sold hundreds through the years.  We usually sell out of these multistrand ones first.  They are very elegant, and they are part of Navajo history.  Rosita Singer and her daughter and son-in-law make these exactly like Tommy himself (they were helping Tommy make them 'back in the day').  All the stones are real.  If you are familiar with these, you may have noticed the gold, sterling and black barrel-beads are much, much bigger on these multi-strand necklaces.  The larger size is required in order to form a terminus for 4-to-6 strands of stones.  Where Tommy used to attach a little brass tab with his hallmark on it, T&R Singer one's have the hallmark actually on the the barrel beads.  Nice touch.  If one of these are for you, call, phone or text us with your choice.  Always complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.