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We're on pg. 42 of "COWBOYS & INDIANS" this month.

38-stone Navajo Sterling cuff with Kingman mine turquoise by Anthony Skeets



Want something that will be worth twice as much before next summer?  This is it.  It would already sell for more elsewhere.  Check-out the outstanding blue in those stones, and the thick gauge Sterling framework.  Anthony Skeets is no slouch.  He makes some of the nicest Navajo jewelry being made today.  There aren't many artisans around like Skeets anymore.  That's one reason all the high-quality Navajo jewelry has doubled and tripled in the last couple of years.  Just not enough good native craftspeople making jewelry anymore.  And what little is being made is being sucked-up by investors and/or European and Asian buyers.  This piece is substantial and easily passes the Drifter's "feel" test.  It weighs 3.15 ounces.  Wrist circumference needed to properly wear it is a little over 6.5-inches (6 and 5/8ths to be exact).  As always with our cuff offerings, that measurement includes the "gap" in the cuff.  It is a little over two inches at the long point across the top.  Hallmarked "AS."