• Aaron Toadlena masterpiece cuff with Nevada Easter Blue turquoise. SOLD! #1655

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    SOLD!  This trophy cuff is worthy of Carnegie Hall or box seats at the NFR.   Aaron Toadlena is a big name in Navajo jewelry.  Silver prices are way-up—as is the price of turquoise.  Jewelry production by Native craftspeople is way down because of Covid, and an Aaron Toadlena piece of this stature should be priced considerably more.  It's a beauty.  The inside diameter (including the 'gap') is 6.5-inches—which is a lady's medium size.  It can't be adjusted smaller or the gap will diminish too much.  It can be adjusted at least an eighth-inch larger prior to shipping.  It's nearly 2.5-inches lengthwise across that big oval stone.  Weight is a respectable 107.2-grams, or 3.78-ounces.  Aaron Toadlena hallmarks his name in Gothic font, and with a little stamp of what appears to be an artistic foot.  This has both. It's a piece of heirloom quality collectable Navajo wearable art.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.