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Alex Sanchez' "petroglyph-style" Navajo Sterling pendant.

Navajo silversmith Alex Sanchez has been making first-rate Navajo jewelry for a long time.  It used to look completely different than it does now.  But he apparently had some sort of epiphany and started making everything (pendants, cuffs, rings, etc.) in the style you see above.  He calls it "petroglyph-style." It's been around for awhile, though.  He did well at Santa Fe Indian Market with his new motif a few years back and became somewhat the darling of Santa Fe for awhile—and prices of Alex Sanchez jewelry went way up.  The Drifter acquired this piece before Sanchez became so popular.  This pendant is a long pendant at 3.25-inches (width is about .75-inches).  Weight is 24.1-grams (or .85-ounces).  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.