• Andy Cadman 42-stone black onyx Navajo cluster cuff. #1802

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    "Dark star, let the memory of the evening                                                                                  be the first thing that you think of,                                                                                                    when you open up your smile and see the dark star…"

    Andy Cadman has a Navajo jewelry-making pedigree.  He is the older brother of Darrell Cadman, and half-brother to Sunshine Reeves and Gary Reeves.  Perhaps you've heard of these guys.  If you were at Indian Market this past weekend in Santa Fe, you saw their work and possibly met them.  They all are known for what the Drifter likes best—traditional Navajo craftsmanship.  No 'bling' or avant-garde stuff.  Rock solid traditional Navajo wearable art—like the piece you see above.  We'll take all of these we can get.  It is 2 and 3/8th's-inches across at the top, and tapers gently with scalloped edges down both sides.  The settings—all 42 of them—are deep and tonka-truck sturdy.  The hand-stamping crisp and fine.  This beauty is the definition of substantial:  177-grams, or a whopping 6.25-ounces.  Nice.  The inside circumference is 6.75-inches.  And no, don't even think about shaping to a different size.  Because of it's width, it can be worn a little large, but the buyer/wearer needs to have a 6.5-inch, to a 6.75-inch wrist circumference—measured all the way around one's wrist bone.  Measure twice; buy once.  Wear what fits.  Hallmarked "A.Cadman."  Oh, and did I mention this piece would be $500 to $700 more if we had the overhead of a shop.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S. only.  International shipping is borne by purchaser.   Enjoy.