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Artistic earrings inlaid with turquoise; spiney oyster; black onyx and mother-of-pearl.

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These striking earrings were acquired—along with a few others of varying design--while sitting in a cafe on old Route 66 where Native people often come-in and sell their wares.  The maker incorporated a piece of the popular turquoise/spiney-oyster mix and surrounded it with some nice inlay work.  In addition there are two significant bands of Sterling silver, and a smaller band of mother-of-pearl, both adding a rich look to these colorful earrings.  The backside is a complete sheet of mother-of-pearl!  Pretty sharp looking, and obviously time-consuming to create.  Not counting the hanger the length is 1.25-inches inches, and 7/8th-inches across at the bottom.  Weight is 4.1-grams, or .14-ounces.  The sheet of mother-of-pearl on the back prevents hand-stamping for a hallmark.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.