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Baby blue Kingman turquoise earrings by Augustine Largo, Navajo.—SALE PENDING

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SALE PENDING  If you think these look good in the pic, imagine how great they'll look wearing them!   These baby blue knockout earrings have nice, almost-matching buffed copper matrix.  The Drifter had Augustine do a bunch of these earrings with stones that he hand-picked, and had him rub them into a satin, or, "old-style" silver patina.  Too bad we have just one pair of ears, right?  They are 1 and 3/8th's-inches long, and a hair over .75-inches at the widest point.  Each weighs 8.5-grams, or 0.3-ounces.  Hallmarked with a hand-stamped "AL."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.