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Boulder/ribbon Sterling Navajo earrings by Elouise Kee.



If a guy is viewing this and needs to make amends with his sweetheart, these should change her mood.  Well, maybe add some yellow roses too…and, perhaps a bottle of Dom Perignon, 2002.   As you can see—again—the Drifter only picks the best.  No blotchy boulder here.  If it doesn't have that distinct ribbon of turquoise working its way through the agate it doesn't make the cut.  These also have some interesting shades on either side of what appears to be a jasper host rock. Length (not counting the hanger) is 1.25-inches; width is 3/4th-inch. Hallmarked "Elouise Kee."  If she's still grouchy after all the above, well, it's time to move on son.