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  • Carson Blackgoat hand-stamped Sterling Navajo belt buckle with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

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    This is a tasteful Sterling buckle for a very affordable price.  It's accentuated by a nice Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone in the middle.  You may see tourist-quality buckle for a little less by they may be either cast versus hand-stamped, or nickel silver—or both.  We will never, ever sell anything on our website that has any nickel silver content.   Sometimes we use the word Sterling to describe things and sometimes, for brevity, we do not. But rest assured we don't waste our money buying nickel silver items, and we don't insult our shoppers by offering nickel silver items.  Everything we sell is Sterling silver (except maybe some stone bead necklaces).  Anyway, Carson Blackgoat does first-rate silversmithing as evidenced above.  It is likely 14-gauge Sterling, which is a thicker gauge but not as thick as 12-gauge, which would result in a higher cost.  The flimsy ones you see in a curios shop are probably 16 or 18-gauge, and may or may not be Sterling.  It is good-sized at three-inches wide, and 2.5-inches tall.  The bracket in the back accepts a standard inch-and-a-half belt.  It's sharp.  That's one of the Drifter's belts attached to it. That dude's kinda particular!  Weight is 44.3-grams, or 1.56-ounces.  Hallmarked "Carson B."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.