• Charlie John heavy-silver Navajo pawn bolo tie. SOLD! #1715

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    SOLD!  When we found this bolo it was pretty tarnished (see 2nd pic).  We couldn't resist bringing it back to life with a cleaning cloth.  And if you're ready for a serious bolo tie by a very well-known maker this may be your huckleberry.  It is made from very thick gauge sterling silver--unlike so many tourist quality bolos out there.  This baby weighs five ounces and is 41-inches end-to-end (the silver bolo itself is almost three-inches).   The turquoise is likely an older Kingman stone.  The lanyard is thick, and it goes into flattened leather at the back.  We personally don't wear bolos with skimpy, thin lanyards. But a thick lanyard feels a bit discernible under a dress collar, whereas the flattened leather at the back of the neck lays nicely, unnoticeable under one's collar.  And then there's those magnificent three-inch custom tips.  Nice (I'm gonna talk myself out of selling this if I keep going).  Charlie John bolo ties are expensive when you can find one.  Wearing a nice piece like this makes a statement.  Conversely, wearing a cheap tourist-quality one does as well.  Hallmarked "CJ."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.