Custom made heavy-silver Navajo cuff with actual White Buffalo stone and Kingman turquoise, by Gilbert Tom. #1345


Gilbert made this cuff about six years ago from these stones the Drifter selected at the time.  That big stone in the middle is high grade actual White Buffalo, NOT magnesite—like you see parading everywhere now as White Buffalo.  It is made from thick, 12-gauge Sterling.  Gilbert did some fancy hand-stamping; fashioned a couple of pieces of repousse' for each side and scalloped the edges as a final touch.  All those materials and the labor of a master Navajo silversmith cost a lot less back then than it would now.  If made now this cuff would be well over a thousand bucks.  But it's sort-of in that 'priceless' category anyway, so price is really a moot point.  Wrist size for this trophy cuff needs to be 6.25-inches—which is a pretty steady woman's medium size.  Of course that measurement includes the "gap" in the cuff.  Because of the heavy-silver nature, the buyer should make sure of wrist size.  6.5-inches will be too large; 6-inches-even will be too small.  This beauty won't bend.  It is 1.5-inches wide, and it weighs a whopping 172-grams, or six-ounces.  That's why it's called heavy silver.  It has a hand-stamped hallmark in cursive, "Gilbert Tom."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.