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Custom-made Navajo earrings with hand-picked Royston turquoise, by Elouise Kee. #1602

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The Drifter went to a helluva lot of effort coming-up with these stones.  And his infinite patience was on display waiting for them to be made.  Covid has affected all things concerning Native American jewelry.  With multiply shut downs of the state of New Mexico; and multiple extreme shutdowns of the Navajo nation, acquiring quality pieces reigns paramount to selling quality pieces.  And make no mistake, there is a vast difference in the quality of Native American jewelry.  Quality of the stones go hand-in-hand with the quality of the smithing.   Much goes into creating a masterpiece of what appears to be simple styling, whether it be a piece of Native American jewelry or a classic Porsche 911.  Elouise Kee's work embodies the principles above, and these earrings are are her testament.  They are 1 and 3/8th's-inches long and .75-inches across at the bottom.  Each weighs 7.2-grams, or .25-ounces.  Hallmarked "Elouise Kee."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.