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Vintage 31-inch actual Navajo graduated Sterling 73-bead necklace.

As noted, this is the real deal—and it's about as classic as it gets for authentic Native American jewelry.  This necklace isn't for a Stepford wife, but rather, it's for a lady who wants something special that not everyone is wearing, and who usually gets what she wants.  The 73 saucer-shaped beads are polished (but a bit tarnished) and smooth, and made with thicker-gauge Sterling than the thousands of burnished beaded necklaces prevalent now.  The larger beads at the bottom are three-quarter-inch diameter, and the smallest ones at the top are 3/8th-inches (so about half the diameter of the biggest), with the rest of the beads graduated in-between.  Weight is 171.4-grams, or 6.04-ounces.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.