• Dead pawn Navajo 31-stone Sleeping Beauty turquoise cluster cuff. SOLD! #1833

    SOLD!  This is a hard piece to part with.  That's the Drifter's hairy arm in the second photo (we can't afford a real model at these prices!), and you may have seen him wearing it.  He wore this for a couple of decades at shows.  It's a great attention-getter and just oozes old-school, traditional quality.  But we are done with shows after 40-some-odd years, and we don't go anywhere fancy anymore, so this cuff has been stashed-away in a drawer.  So, here it is for someone else to enjoy.  It looks equally good on a man or a woman, but that person needs to have between a 7.25 to a 7.5 total wrist circumference.  The cuff measures 7.25-total inside circumference—including the "gap."  Don't buy it to re-shape it, it has too many stones.  Bending or re-shaping will disturb the integrity of all those settings.  You don't want to lose a single one of those expensive, real Sleeping Beauty stones (the mine closed in 2012).  It is a full two-inches wide at the top and tapers very slightly toward each end.  This baby weighs over a quarter pound, at 119.2-grams, or 4.2-ounces.  You know the Drifter wouldn't be wearing any of that lightweight tourist junk!  Initials are hand-etched inside.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  International shipping is borne by purchaser.  Nice.