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Dead-pawn Navajo cuff with nine Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.—SOLD!


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SOLD!   Another classic Navajo cuff that used to be both prevalent and inexpensive.  Billboards advertising curios shops along I-40 still have painted images of these type cuffs.  Two bad we didn't stop at each shop thirty or forty years ago and buy every one of these they had.   Older cuffs like these that still survive are too expensive to be found in most curious shops these days.  Turns out the Drifter did buy a lot of these through the years, bet he, too, is running out.  It's doubtful this one could be replaced for the price listed here.  This is a good one.  It was really tarnished and needed a little cleaning, but that is the beauty of Sterling and stone—with a little cleaning they will last indefinitely.  This old girl weighs almost three ounces and fits a person with a wrist circumference of seven inches.  Bending or shaping for a different size will disturb the integrity of the settings and possibly loosen the stones.  It is 1.25-inches across at the top and tapers slightly towards the ends.  The person who made this pawned it and never returned for it.  It has no hallmark, which is not unusual.  When a Navajo makes a piece with no intention of selling it, they often don't bother stamping a hallmark into it.  Hallmarks are simply marketing tools thought-up by early 20th-century white traders who somewhat forced the Navajo to sign their pieces so the white trader could more easily market the wares made by these Native Americans.  Enjoy.