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Dead-pawn Navajo two-piece earrings with real branch coral and turquoise.

Whoa.  You can leave your earrings on!  Since coral has become so hard to acquire due to the dying-off of coral worldwide, a lot of fake stuff has started to appear.  This ain't that.  The twelve pieces here are the real deal.  They probably still smell of the sea.  And given the astronomical price of real branch coral—if it can be found at all—these earrings should be in the three-to-four hundred dollar range.  These, along with one similar pair, came out of pawn.  They don't appear to be old but perhaps they just haven't been worn.  They were very likely made prior to the banning of harvesting coral from oceans.  The two bottom turquoise stones are Sleeping Beauty, but the two top ones appear to be high-grade, clear-blue Kingman.  Length is two-inches; width across the widest point is one-inch.  Hallmarked with two crossed arrows above the letter "J."  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.