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Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling cuff with 17 Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. —SOLD!



SOLD  This wonderful cuff from the 60's or 70's is one of the Drifter's best finds in many years.  It is one of three cuffs featured in High Plains Jewelry's current ad on page 26 in COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine's February/March, 2019.  This type of piece used to be in circulation, but they've went to collections, or overseas, or the Dine' realize the value of a piece like this and they are keeping them.  When the Drifter found it the Sterling had nearly blackened with tarnish—way beyond the point of it being a sought-after vintage patina.  Besides, the Drifter has come to mostly discard that old adage of "leave it alone, don't clean it up."  They just look so much more beautiful when brought back to their original lustre.  Besides, if you like that tarnished look, just set it out on your back porch for awhile—it will tarnish soon enough.  Microscopic wear underneath the shine is still there.  The Sleeping Beauty stones here are not smooth cabochons but rather, retain their natural shape.  The fortunate person who acquires this needs a wrist circumference of 6.75-inches.  If worn a bit loose, 6.5 would easily suffice.  But any larger than 6.75-inches would be too snug given the width of this piece.  Weight is six ounces, and that impressive width is a uniform two inches.  It is hallmarked with what looks like a "v" with an underscored line beside it, both inside a circle. Wish it was a half-inch larger!!