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We're on pg. 31 of "COWBOYS & INDIANS" this month.

Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling cuff with large turquoise centerpiece



Finding these old pieces used to be just another day at the office for the Drifter.  Those days are gone, and so are most of these type pieces.  The big turquoise stone has changed hue a bit with age, but it's either Kingman or a piece from the old Sleeping Beauty mine.  The bit of coral on either side of the big rock is a nice touch.  The wrist circumference of the wearer should be about 6.75-inches, which is a healthy medium woman's.  It can be adjusted slightly.  Weight is about a quarter-of-a-pound (3.9-ounces), and it is hallmarked "ORH."  It is a very impressive piece.  Wearing it may bring on a bout of narcissism.