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  • Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling cuff with Mediterranean red coral and Kingman, Arizona turquoise.


    This is what classic Native American handmade jewelry is all about.  It is a spectacular cuff for either a man or a woman.  The six pieces of now-rare Mediterranean blood-red coral contrast nicely with the twelve pieces of Kingman turquoise. The Sterling is not the thickness of the 60's or 70's, but it's not thin either or the Drifter wouldn't have bought it.  It fits either a man or a woman with a 7 and 1/3-inch wrist size—which is a medium man's or a large woman's.  It should not be bent to fit another size, as that would possibly disturb the integrity of the stone settings.   It weighs a respectable 3.28-ounces.  Width at the top is 1.5-inches, and tapers to 1 and 1/16th-inches on each end.  Hallmarked with an unusual Navajo symbol visible in last pic.