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Dead-pawn Navajo sterling cuff with spider-web turquoise.—SOLD!



SOLD!  With 28 settings of a blue-green spider-web turquoise (unsure of the mine due to age affecting the color), this piece looks very attractive when worn.  The gauge of the Sterling is not as thick as the Drifter really likes but it is more substantial than most new things. It feels good in hand. Weight is 1.7 ounces and fits a 6.5-inch wrist circumference.  If you intend to buy off the internet take the time to get an inexpensive tailor's measuring tape.  They're only a few bucks at Wallmart.  Measurements are always taken around the wristbone.  Buy the right size.  Don't try to bend the piece into shape when it arrives, as this will almost certainly disturb the integrity of the settings—causing the stones to possibly come out.  At its widest point this cuff is 1.75 inches.  It is hallmarked, "F. ARVISO." It is a bit of bargain given the crazy increase in prices of quality Native American jewelry.