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Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling silver storyteller cuff.



This storyteller is long-winded!  It has three distinct layers of story lines framed by excellent silver stamping.  The storyteller section of the cuff is a double-overlay inset, meaning it is comprised of two layers of silver.  The bottom layer is blackened and the top, shiny layer is placed over that.  This technique was popularized by the famous Navajo silversmith, Tommy Singer—now deceased.  Weight of this nice piece is 2.28 ounces and wrist size should be around 6.75 inches (that can vary somewhat because the lack of stone settings in this piece allows it to be shaped in or out somewhat to accommodate different wrist sizes).  The person who buys this should probably have a wrist circumference no smaller that 6.25 and no larger than about 7.5 inches.  It is hallmarked with an "H" with sun rays emanating from each side.  This is one of the more crisp, attractive storytellers you will come across.