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Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling storyteller cuff by "Harvey."—SOLD!



SOLD!!  Okay, we know what you're thinking—that this is an old Harvey piece from yesteryear, when the rail passengers traveling through the west were served by the Harvey Girls.  Tempting to think that, and the Drifter has had a few of those, but the "Harvey" that made this piece was thoughtful enough to put a date next to  his hallmark on the back—which reads "'99."   And it's certainly not made in 1899.  So this a 19-year-old storyteller cuff.  It's sharp nonetheless.  Weight is 1.85-ounces and it will fit someone with a wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) of 6.75-inches—though it can be adjusted a quarter-inch either way.   It utilizes a sturdy gauge of silver, and width is one inch.  The storyteller scene shows a goat herder; a Navajo lady working at a loom; a hogan with the sun above; a horse and wagon, and a frolicking dog under a tree.  The work is very crisp. It is also hand-stamped along the perimeter of the backside. Hallmarked "Harvey '99" and the word "Dine'"—which is the word that the Navajo people use to describe themselves (loosely meaning, "the People").  Remember, "Navajo" is a name outsiders gave the tribe.  So then, this is a fine example of Dine' silversmithing.