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  • Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling triplet cuff with spider web turquoise.

    This is a nice find.  Classic, Classic, Classic.  This was another pawn piece that was tarnished to the point of being unattractive before the Drifter brought it back to life.  The turquoise looks a bit like old Kingman, but it's hard to pinpoint after a few decades have matured the stone and affected its hue.  These stones are stunningly beautiful, though.  It weighs 3.45-ounces and fits a wrist circumference of about 6.5-inches.  The Drifter call adjust it an eight-inch in or out prior to shipping.  It is 1.75-wide across the top.  This is a true pawn piece that apparently never meant to be sold to someone else and does not have a hallmark—which is not unusual in such cases.