Seven-pendant Navajo cluster pawn necklace.

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Here's another bargain!  This necklace was acquired out of pawn 8 or 10 years ago, and is part of a little treasure trove the Drifter dips into only occasionally.  It is was acquired lately, the price would have to be double.  Zuni Pueblo craftspeople are known for this type of cluster work, and then, so are the Navajo.  It could be either, except the hallmark on the back of the bottom pendant is EJW, in cursive and written by hand.  EJW is the hallmark of the well-known Navajo cluster artist Eunice Wilson. It has 87 natural turquoise stones that have never been soaked in stabilizing fluid.  Some are starting to naturally change hue—which we think is good.  Probably from the Kingman mine, though they look a little like Sleeping Beauty, but a little too light.  The largest, bottom pendant is 1.5-inches long, by 1.25-inches wide.  Total length of the necklace is about 24.5-inches.  The chain is handmade—not store-bought.  Weight is 60-grams, or 2.1-ounces.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.