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Dead-pawn Sterling Navajo vintage watchband, by St. Paul Huerfano.



This came out of a pawn vault.  It's an oldie but a goodie and it exemplifies the type of style and craftsmanship common in the sixties and seventies.  With a polishing rag and a spare 30 minutes, it could be made to look impeccable.  Fifteen years ago this would sell for a lot more, but the demand for watches and watchbands has severely dwindled.  Now people walk around like zombies looking at their smartphones and check the time from those devices as well.  It is hard to tell the turquoise mine of the stones, as they have certainly changed color somewhat through the years.  It's a nice find and will fit a wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff) or 7.25-inches.  Width at the widest point is 2 and 3/8th's-inches.  The Drifter will keep it warm while you decide.