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  • Dead-pawn Zuni Pueblo-style Sterling pedi-point cuff by Tommy Lowe.


    Any Tommy Lowe piece is impeccably crafted with well-chosen turquoise.  His settings are simply more crisp and deeper than most.   Although this is a classic Zuni style, Tommy Lowe is Navajo.  It is not unusual for people from these two tribes to do work usually associated with the opposite tribe.  Only a year or two ago a Tommy Lowe piece like this would be priced around three or four hundred dollars—quite a bargain even then.  Now this is a great price for a great piece.  One might be advised to look on the internet to find one of these that someone has had awhile and has it priced lower.  It Tommy Lowe made it, it is a great peace.  This is one of his more substantial cuffs at a little over two ounces and is sized for someone with a wrist diameter of 6.5-inches.  It is 2.75-inches at its widest point at the top.  Distinctly stamped, "TOMMY LOWE  NAVAJO"