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2 and 3/4th-inch Doris Smallcanyon Navajo squash-blossom earrings with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. #1494

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Navajo artisan Doris Smallcanyon has been around a long time and is famous for her intricate Sterling kachina pendants and her full-size squash-blossom necklaces—among other items.  Her fine-crafting and attention to detail are renown.  Even the bead at the top of the squash on these earrings is hand-made.  These long, lean and beautiful earrings exemplify her competence in the craft.  Slide-in a little late with these beauties on and you'll have the attention of the room.  Not counting the hanger, they are 2.75-inches long.  Each weighs 4.5-grams, or .155-ounces.  She capped-off the silverwork with a couple of nice Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.  Everything is sleek and smooth with these earrings.  Like a mid-engine Audi R8.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.