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  • Double-sided, dead-pawn inlaid fetish bear.

    Two fetish bears for the price of one!  Artistry is amazing on both sides of this piece.  It came out of a pawn vault in an area between the Navajo and the Zuni nation, and although the inlay work appears Zuni-made, there are many Navajos who do this type of work, so it might be either. It does have the hallmark, "Yazzie," which is Navajo.  The turquoise side looks to be from the Kingman, Arizona mine, and the other side is predominately lapis with some turquoise and spiney oyster shell as well.  The 18-inch solid Sterling box chain pictured is included.  Weight without the chain is one ounce.  It is a fairly large fetish pendant.  Height without the bale is 1.5-inches, and width is 2.75-inches.  Nice.