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Earrings by Chimney Butte with near-matching Royston, Nevada turquoise.


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 "Chimney Butte" is a real person and, indeed, a real character (see pic above).  He is a truly dedicated artist/silversmith, and a person strictly guided by spiritualist principles.  Chimney Butte is big as a butte, and, early in his career—while living on the Navajo rez near Dilkon, Arizona—he learned his chops from the legendary Tommy Singer, RIP.  He claims half-Comanche/half-Anglo lineage, and is married into the Santa Domingo tribe (just south of Santa Fe).  This guy is larger than life and belongs in a chapter of the Drifter's book.  His dedicated following in the movie industry includes castmenbers and the director from the "Hateful Eight" movie; Brooke Shields, and others.  Much of his time now is spent making custom orders for Hollywood types.  As one would expect, these earrings are quite striking and would be much more costly in Santa Fe—where Chimney Butte's creations are quite popular.  An artist like Chimney Butte puts a lot of thought and effort into choosing stones, as is obvious here.  These two pieces of Royston, Nevada turquoise contain striations of copper running crossways in the setting. Nice.  Each is almost 1.25-inches long and 1-inch at the widest point. Each weighs 9.5-grams, or .34-ounces.  Hallmarked "Chimney Butte" in cursive.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.