• Elvira Bill deep-stamped heavy silver 7.25-inch wrist size Navajo cuff. SOLD! #2183

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    SOLD!  Elvira Bill is the daughter of Nora Tahe Bill and Emerson Bill—both very, very highly regarded Navajo artisans specializing in thick, heavily-worked pieces.  I've heard that one or both may have passed, but unable to document such at this writing.  Elvira is a fine silversmith as well.  She took time away from silversmithing a few years ago to pursue a degree in the medical profession, and now is a medical professional, while occasionally crafting jewelry like that pictured above.  She does nice work.  The Drifter alternates between wearing a similar cuff by Elvira with his Tommy Singer double overlay.  The total inside diameter here is 7.25-inches in the middle. It is 7 and 1/8th along the edges due to the slight dome of the cuff—a  nice touch when one considers the slightly raised, or domed, nature of the cuff allows the wrist bone to rest comfortably inside inside the slightly raised center of the cuff.   This beauty is way too thick and wide to adjust into a different size.  Measure your wrist, please, as it won't budge.  This hunk of silver weighs a whopping 123-grams, or 4.34-ounces.  It is a hair shy of 1.5-inches wide throughout.  Hallmarked "Elvira Bill."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.