• Emma Lincoln' 16-stone very high-grade Sleeping Beauty turquoise Navajo size 10 cluster ring. #2303a

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    Emma Lincoln has always been known for her intricate, and perfect, cluster pieces.  And, her quest for perfection has always included choosing Sleeping Beauty turquoise of the highest quality.  We've heard that she has passed, but can't confirm that at present.  The Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona closed in 2012.  This piece appears to predate that.  'Hard to tell, 'cuz it is in such pristine condition. It's indeed a, er, sleeping beauty itself.  Note the two pieces of reverse-stamped Sterling repousse' carefully integrated into the face.  It is a size 10, though, so before thinking about buying it to have it resized, carefully consider that every one of those sixteen pieces of turquoise would need to be removed first.  The intense heat involved in the resizing process is apt to crack those beautiful stones—which are getting rarer ever day.  'Best to pass it by if it's not your size.  But if it IS your size, this is quite the find.  This beauty is 1.5-inches long and 15/16th's-of-an-inch across at the widest point.  Weight is 10.5-grams, or .37-ounces.  Hallmarked "Emma Lincoln" in cursive font.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.