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We're on pg. 42 of "COWBOYS & INDIANS" this month.

Fourteen-stone No. 8 mine turquoise cluster pendant by Lorenzo James, Navajo.



If you think this big, beautiful, Navajo cluster pendant with a custom bale is expensive, you should try buying these precious No.8 mine turquoise stones!  What a beauty.  Maybe, just maybe, this is the prettiest pendant the Drifter has ever had.  Probably the most expensive to make.  It weighs 2.13 ounces and the top-to-bottom length is three inches excluding the bale.  Hallmarked "L. James."  And of course if ships with an 18-inch solid Sterling box chain (that really doesn't do the piece justice).  Don't fret about buying this too quick, the Drifter would just as soon keep it awhile to show it off!