• Gilbert Tom 11-stone lariat-type pendant necklace set with premium Kingman turquoise and heavier-gauge chain.

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    This beauty is 35-inches end-to-end, but has a nearly six-inch-long, 3-stone bottom drop  that increases it's overall hang length from the back of the neck to 22-inches-or-so.  The large two-inch plus pendants on each side eliminate the need for more pendants while at the same time, increasing its "wow" factor.  The chosen Kingman turquoise stones have a Royston-like greenish turquoise hue with just the right amount of copper ore polished to a golden hue.  Big necklaces with this much high-grade turquoise; this much finely-crafted Sterling silver, and which take a lot of time and expertise to make are skyrocketing in price.  We endeavor to keep our prices more affordable than most (one reason we don't do sales), but it's unclear how long we can hold the line.  Both Sterling silver and turquoise are rapidly increasing in price.  The necklace alone here weighs 8.2-ounces, and the set includes a pair of very pricey earrings and an optional heavier-gauge chain.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  Always complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.