Gilbert Tom small wrist size water-web Kingman turquoise cuff. #1569

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If you have a wrist circumference on the thinner side, this cuff is special-made for you.  Total inside circumference is just a hair shy of six-inches.  5 and 15/16th's to be exact.   We can enlarge it up to a 6 and 1/8th PRIOR TO SHIPPING, but any further would result in too large of a gap.  Measure twice (all the way around your wrist bone); buy once.  This is a knockout-looking cuff (all Gilbert Tom cuffs are!) at a knockout price.  That is a heckuva expensive, good-sized water-web Kingman-mine turquoise stone.  And Gilbert's exquisite hand-stamped Sterling rubbed into an 'old-style' patina ain't bad either.  The Drifter has to really twist Gilbert Tom's arm to get him to make cuffs this small.  But you know, we have a lot of supermodels and all to fit.  Ha.  Anyway, weight of the cuff is 53.1-grams, or 1.87-ounces.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom" in cursive.  Always complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.