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  • Golden Hills turquoise triplet cuff by Augustine Largo, Navajo.

    We currently have two of these Sterling triplet cuff with Golden Hills turquoise.  Given the wide-range of the appearance of Golden Hills turquoise, no two are even close to the same.  The Navajo artisan who makes these, Augustine Largo, has been for many, many years one of the Drifter's favorite silversmiths.  He often makes exquisite squash-blossom necklaces for us.  The total circumference—including the "gap" in the cuff—is 6.5-inches.  It is not so thick that it can't be adjusted somewhat, but we never suggest trying to adjust it more than a quarter-inch.  And, we prefer adjusting it to your size prior to shipping.  This cuff is a little over three-quarters of an inch across at the top.  Weight is 43-grams, or 1.51-ounces.  Hallmarked "AL."  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.