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Hand-stamped Navajo Golden Hills turquoise pendant with repousse' and 20-inch Sterling "Navajo pearls"

'Posting this on Mother's Day.  It's a little late for a sale, and we don't do 'sales' anyway. But this pendant combined with the 20-inch, 4mm Sterling Navajo pearls priced at $299 is, indeed, quite a bargain.  The combination should, at the very least, be a hundred dollars more, but, well…the Drifter is feeling a little mushy today.  The pendant itself is made by a well-known Navajo silversmith (we've sorta backed-off publishing names here, since our silversmiths seem to be getting real popular with other dealers for some strange reason), and has the bottom area done in time-consuming repousse' and the rest in expert hand-stamping.  And that expensive piece of Golden Hills turquoise is a show-stopper itself.  Not counting the bale, the pendant is 1.5-inches long, and about 1.25-inches at the widest point.  Weight without the pearls is 12-grams, or .42-ounces.  Hallmarked with the maker's full name.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.