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Heavy silver Navajo pawn bolo tie with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. #1397

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If you've followed this site much, and looked at the bolos offered here from time-to-time, you're undoubtedly had to put up with the Drifter's rant, er, sentiment, regarding cheap, touristy bolo ties.  If you haven't, here is a short glimpse:  Bolo ties are like a man's hat or a man's shoes—you can tell a lot about the man by what he wears on his head and on his feet.  Well, the same can be said with what he ties around his neck.  A cheap tourist-curious bolo tie makes one look like a cheap tourist with curious shop bolo tie.  Best to not wear one at all rather that flag yourself as a greenhorn Dandy.  Except for smaller ladies' bolo ties, the Drifter will not acquire a bolo tie that he wouldn't wear himself.  So, we don't buy many bolo ties.  A really good one costs more than people realize.  The bolo pictured above is a really good one.  The bolo itself is classic. It is also made with much, much thicker-gauge Sterling that most.  And those six older Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones are premium quality and flawless as well.  Lanyards on most of your store-bought bolos appear to be leather, but in reality are actually vinyl. Take the lanyard and twist it back-and-forth a few times and smell it.  Leather smells like leather; vinyl smells like vinyl.  The tips on this bolo are bought from a Native American jewelry supplier rather than being custom-made.  That is a shame, but it helps reduce the overall cost significantly.  The end-to-end unfolded length of this bolo is 46-inches, therefore it hangs 23-inches. The bolo portion itself is 2.5-inches long by 1.75-inches wide.  It is slightly more than a quarter-inch thick!  Weight is 90-grams, or almost three-ounces.  It is hallmarked with a initials "WB" in gothic under a flat-brimmed hat.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.