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Heavy-stamped Sterling Navajo cuff by Elvira Bill.—SOLD!



SOLD!  Elvira, the daughter of famous Navajo silversmiths Nora Tahe Bill and Emerson Bill, is part of a family tradition of making immaculate heavy silver jewelry.  It is likely thick, 12-gauge Sterling and therefore cannot easily be adjusted for size.  It will fit perfectly a person with a 6 and 3/8's wrist size.  The Drifter can muscle it in or out about a eighth of an inch prior to shipping.  Measure your wrist where it is to be worn—all the way around—and call or text with the size.  It can't be made smaller than 6.25-inches, nor larger than 6.5-inches.  This piece weighs 4.35-ounces and is 1.5-inches wide.  Hallmarked "Elvira Bill."