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Inexpensive Navajo Sterling cuff by Gilbert Tom.—SOLD, but have several more like it.



SOLD, but have several more like itcall and I will send pictures from which to choose.      These little cuffs are cute and well made.  The Sterling is not flimsy like the inexpensive tourist-quality stuff.  It has some quality hand-stamping by the well-known Navajo master silversmith, Gilbert Tom, as well as a couple of pieces of repousse'.  And, there is a nice little Royston, Nevada turquoise stone atop it.   The Drifter has a half-dozen-or-so of these little beauties.  One has No. 8 Mine turquoise and thus is $20 higher in price.  The rest have Royston turquoise.  Call for a info on sizes, and, the Drifter will take a quick smartphone pic and send it to you.   The one pictured here is for a 6-inch wrist circumference, but it can be adjusted a quarter-inch in or out.  Weight on this and the others is about .85-of-an-ounce.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."