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On the road now; new finds will post this fall!

NOTE: Inexpensive Navajo Sterling cuffs with various Nevada-mined turquoise by Gilbert Tom.



About half of these are sold now.  Call or e-mail and I will send a pic of these remaining cuffs.     These cuffs are cute and well-made, AND, the one's on the right bar are only $150! The Drifter began having Navajo master silversmith Gilbert Tom create these in the summer of 2017, with an eye toward offering a quality cuff for as close to $150 as possible—an elusive goal now that Native American jewelry has skyrocketed in price.  Since then, we have sold scores of them and others like them are popping-up elsewhere.  They are all Sterling silveras is everything we selland are not flimsy like the typical inexpensive tourist-quality stuff.  Each cuff has slightly different quality hand-stamping and some even have a couple of pieces of repousse'.  All are done in the "old-style" patina on the Sterling.  We have them with various Nevada turquoise stones and some with White Buffalo and boulder/ribbon turquoise.   NOTE:  The ones with white buffalo and boulder/ribbon turquoise are $160.  Nearly all of the other ones with various Nevada turquoise mines are only $150.   They are made with smaller wrist sizes, averaging a 5.75-inch total wrist circumference (including the "gap" in the cuff), but can be adjusted a quarter-inch in or out—preferably prior to shipping.  Call (817-456-5600), e-mail or message with your size and choice of cuff.  The one in some of the above pics weighs 1.04-ounces (29.3-grams).  Width on all of them is 7/16th's-inches.  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."