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James McCabe winged liberty head dime earrings!



    James McCabe is the premier Navajo maker of coin jewelry.  We currently have two James McCabe winged liberty head dime necklaces as well elsewhere on this site (under "neckwear").  These dimes were produced from around the nineteen-teens to the early 1940's.   They really look sharp.  Mr. McCabe puts a convex curve to them, which gives them added dimension.  If you see these James McCabe dime earrings or dime necklaces elsewhere for a lot more money, don't worry there is no difference.  He makes these all the same, depending on the attachments on the necklaces (such as squash blossoms), so paying more gets you nothing more than a sinking feeling that you paid more for the same product.  Each earring weighs .20-ounces (or 5.8 grams), and is two inches long from the little turquoise stone at the top.  Brother, can you loan me a dime?