• Large 19-stone cluster medallion Navajo pendant necklace and matching earrings, by Robert Shakey. SOLD! #2059

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    SOLD!  We rest our case.  The jury won't be out long on this beauty, before returning with a verdict of 'magnificent!'  Robert Shakey has exalted the intricately-stamped, wide flange, 'old-style' patina style of Navajo jewelry-making.  And he's moved to the front of the line with this piece.  Even the earrings are outstanding.  Like the werewolf of London's hair, this set is 'PER-FECT.'  It has nineteen high-grade Kingman turquoise stones—carefully chosen to compliment each other—and with just the right amount of colorful copper matrix.  And then there is that artfully shaped, 4 and 3/8th's by 2.75-inch, 11-stone cluster pendant!  End-to-end length is 27.5-inches, but that large bottom pendant adds another 4 and 3/8th's-inches to the overall hang length.  It should hang sixteen-or-so inches down from the back of the neck.  As with nearly all of the things the Drifter procures, this is no thin-gauge, lightweight touristy curios piece.  Weight of the necklace is a very substantial 198-grams, or 6.99-ounces.  And, Mr. Shakey stamped his "ROBERT SHAKEY" hallmark into each and every pendant.  Nice touch.  This is one of the finest pendant necklaces we've had the pleasure of offering, and certainly a great value at the above price.  Enjoy. Complimentary USPS tracked Priority box shipping within the U.S.